Company Objectives

In the long term it is the aim of the Company to continually meet the objectives listed above and to maintain growth. Yet to remain small enough to still handle, at director level, each project in all its phases: report, design, documentation, project management and contract administration.

In essence therefore, we strive to ensure that at the completion of a project, all parties involved will be satisfied with the service and the end product, it having been produced on time and within budget.


To provide a professional service of the highest standard and one that meets all the client's requirements with regard
to costs, duration, specification and management.


To undertake projects in co-operation with communities in order to meet their needs and aspirations and to provide employment opportunities that contribute towards the overall benefit of the country.


To design and manage all projects in such a manner to minimize any pollution, harm to the environment, and ecological disturbance. Furthermore, to strictly adhere to the regulations of relevant authorities.


To maintain a well- qualified and efficient staff complement through the provision of above average remuneration packages, pleasant working conditions, recognition, excellent resources, efficient leadership and a friendly
working environment.